Our Contributors

who’ve dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to our mission

• Publish free courses and teach for free

• Provide services like translation service in French, English, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish for free

Give the gift of life-changing education!

Your contribution supports free education for everyone, everywhere and helps fund financial aid for learners. Because of your support, literally tens of millions of people all over Africa will be able use Afroskills to learn and transform their lives. Therefore, we can we change lives together. We seek supports from:

• Individuals

• Foundations

• Companies/institutions/Grants

We seek to establish a scholarship fund to provide scholarship to meriting candidates to pursue full-fledged degree programs with world-class universities, companies and other training providers. Interested in joining the Scholarship Fund and changing lives for millions of learners each month? Email us at donate@afroskills.org

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